Sudbury Hall and The Museum of Childhood is on an exciting journey to re-imagine, reinvent and reinvigorate our programme, our approach and most importantly our relationship with our visitors. Over the past few years our family audience has grown substantially and children are vitally important not only on how we run day to day but also in the future of Sudbury Hall and The Museum of Childhood.  

What are we hoping to achieve? 

Our ambition for the future is to create a place where children feel empowered, important, engaged and that they matter in all aspects of their visit. Our outcomes are: 

  •  Sudbury looks, feels and acts different, putting children first in all aspects of the visit 
  •  Sudbury is a place that children want to come; it is on the map as a fun, engaging and inspiring place for children and families 
  •  Strong growth in our family audience segments, leading to stronger visitor numbers and a sustainable visitor business focused primarily on children and their families 
  •  More local families from under-represented socio-economic groups visiting, enjoying their visit and becoming members 
  •  Processes and approaches are in place to work collaboratively with children and their families across everything we do 
  •  An environmentally, financially and socially responsible operating model is established to deliver the Children’s Country House 
  •  We have a clear way of sharing our child-centred approach across the National Trust and wider sector in order to disseminate best practice 

Throughout 2020 and 2021 we are in Phase One of our Children’s Country House Project. To develop visibly, iteratively and incrementally, through a series of experiments and disruptions, focusing all available budgets and interventions on the vision.  This phase of the project involves trialing, testing, innovating and failing fast to allow us to develop a robust business case for phase 2 of the project. 

Let’s build something together.

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